Saturday, 18 April 2009

Okay my first unit so its only 10 models big but thats a good achievement for me as i havent painted for ages and im really slow when i do
You can see how the colour scheme works better with these models the bone being the major colour with the trimmings and cuffs all done in the green colour
all the gold is started with a base of scorched brown built up with tin bits
and dwarf bronze then give a brown ink wash then touched up on the edges
with dwarf bronze and a little shining gold
the other metals is started with black and a mixture of boltgun metal then adding a
little more boltgun till its straight boltgun, then washed down with some watered down
black paint then touched up with boltgun and chain mail 50/50 

There will be an underlying theme of  a destroyed chaos nurgle army on most of the bases
or movement trays (gives me a chance to try new paint schemes)

Well this is the first fully finished dwarf for my new army
I tried a few colour schemes red/blue, red green (looked like a christmas dwarf)
and a load more i hit upon green and bone which stand out nice together.
For the bone colour i start with a coat of dheneb stone high lighting up to
bleached bone.
For the green i start with dark angels building up to catachan mixed with khaki to dull the
edges so the bone stands out more